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Friday, July 3, 2015

Payson Canyon - Grotto Trail

This morning we decided to hike the grotto trail in Payson Canyon.  Even though it is short, I wasn't sure how they would do, and thought we might end up packing the little ones for most of the trail. They actually did great and "hiked" pretty much the whole way.  Ruby even found the extra energy to explore every extra rock and log.  It continues to be so fun to experience new things through my babies' eyes.  They were excited by the trees, the river, the bridge, the chipmunks, Tim's Camelback, and of course, the waterfall.  We stayed and hung out for awhile, eating lunch and enjoying the views.  Before we left Luke got brave and decided that he wanted to go all the way under the waterfall. Not to be outdone, Ruby also cried to have me take her under as well - then she cried because it scared her.  On the way down it was super cute, Luke wanted to hold Taylor's hand the entire way.  Such cute brothers.  We are lucky to live so close to so much beauty, we really just had the best time.

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