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Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 2015

April really is one of my favorite months.  The return of the sun really just makes everything feel better.  However, I'm pretty sure our timing must be a little off with the showers because we had plenty of flowers in April.  Early in April, Jami, my mom and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and took the kids to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  We really had a great time.  Plenty of beautiful flowers and lots of space for the kids to roam.  They have a lot of activities throughout the property so everyone stayed pretty entertained.

This year Gavin and Luke had separate birthday parties which really just meant twice the celebrations.  We all had such a great time at his Baymax party.  It was especially fun to see Luke start to interact with other kids.  He really got into the games and wanted to play them over and over.

We have had plenty of cool days in April,
But as long as the sunshine is out, we love to be outside.

I had to sneak and take a picture through the window at nursery,
He looked so grown up and sweet.

Plenty of silliness during the month.

While I was in Boston, Tim and the boys decided to make our favorite German meal....schnitzel, spaetzle, rotkhol and brown gravy.  They invited Cory and Calvin over and turned it into quite the night. I'm not sure that Calvin liked it, but Calvin really doesn't like anything.  Everyone else though said it was great.  I'm just said I missed it.

The boys hung out and relaxed while Tim cooked.

Tim, the babies and Erika spent an afternoon together hanging out and celebrating - again - Luke's birthday.  Luke already thought his big sister Erika was pretty great, but her birthday presents may have put her over the top.  Batman balloon, and Spiderman balloon, pajamas and a baseball bat.  He was pretty much in heaven.  Luke is really excited when I do laundry because he knows his Spiderman jammers will be clean and ready for him to wear.  

Just another day at the office.....My boss decided it would be a great bonding/teaching activity for us to hike the "Y".  We all grumbled a little because he kept it under wraps where we were going but by the time the experience was over, I think he had accomplished his goals.  Even better, I finally hiked the "Y".  After living in Provo for over 20 years, it was a little crazy that I had never been.  

Couldn't imagine a better way to end the month than with these cuties.

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