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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Independence Day

The Fourth of July is kind of a big deal around Provo.  We missed most of the festivities this year, but decided we better participate in some activities on the fourth - otherwise it ends up just feeling like just another day. Tim and Cory decided to start the day of right with the Freedom Run.  They both said they felt great and hit their time goals, perfect kind of race.

While the boys were off racing, Calvin kept me company while I got a little run in on the treadmill.  We quickly got ready to head to the parade - Calvin was a champ and got himself ready and helped entertain.  As always, Ruby woke up happy but I had to drag Luke out of bed.  I have avoided the parade the last several years because I wasn't willing to fight for a spot.  Call me a diva but I was excited to find out you can buy reserved bleacher seats.  It worked out so great, easy to get to, great location to watch and shady. Shhh, don't tell everyone, we have big plans to return next year.  I really was glad that we decided to go.  Luke thought it was fantastic.  The parade started with firetrucks and police cars and had plenty of balloons, diesel trucks, horses, etc to keep him enthralled.  Even baby girl loved it - she seemed fascinated by the crowds and everything going on around her.

We headed out for a quick lunch, then went home to let the babies nap and pack up our stuff to got to Mt. Pleasant.  We met up with the rest of the family at the rodeo then ended the night with fireworks and headed out for the babies' first camping trip.  

When my parents bought their trailer they said they bought something with plenty of room for family and hoped that we would come camping.  They know I don't love to camp but Tim does and hoped to entice us with the accommodations.  After our overnight stay, we may not be invited back.  It all started out great and went fine until about 4:00 a.m. when Luke woke up screaming which woke up Ruby.  For the next few hours it was a circus of changing beds, songs, stories, bottles, etc. but at about 6:00 we finally gave up and let Luke get up to play.

Tim and Luke went on some early morning adventures
While I went out on a run with Jarin and dad.

There was some serious four wheeling to be done
My dad said I made it seem like the Jr. Prom with 
My insistence of a photo everyone.
Looks like I missed the group shot. 

The rest of the day was spent just relaxing
Coloring, games, water fights, etc.
By the time we left everyone was filthy and exhausted,
Exactly as it should have been.

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