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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ruby Nine Months

Nine months with this little girl and she continues to delight and win our hearts.  She is finding her personality more each day and definitely is her own little person.  She has started laughing and talking more and more.  My mom is convinced that she says "dog", I think it could be "dada" but mostly she repeats the sound "da" non stop.  Luke loves to egg her on.  They both sing and chirp at each other and then usually collapse in fits of giggles.  As a mama, it is about the cutest thing to watch.  
I don't feel like there have been a lot of large milestones this month, she just continues to progress and grow. She moves like crazy, rolls, squirms, slides, etc.  I keep expecting her to crawl any day.  She can get from a seated position down to her belly and pushes herself up  on her arm and rocks a little.  The girl definitely likes her food.  She eats several jars of baby food as well as purees of fruit, cereal, and little bits of anything we are eating.  I even caught my mom sharing a Hershey's bar with her - both seemed to be enjoying it.  The last time she was weighed she was up to 18 pounds, so clearly the food agrees with her.  
Sadly, Ruby ended up at the doctor this month.  We knew she had been snotty and feverish but really had gone for Luke and weren't aware how sick she was.  I felt horrible when the doctor told us she had infection in both ears.  Poor sweet girl.  While we were there we also discovered that she is getting her "vampire" teeth which I'm sure didn't help the runny nose and drooling.  

Constantly spitting.

She is always interested in what is going on around her,
Constantly craning her neck to see what is going on.

Ruby loves to sleep with her piggy pig
She gets so excited when I hand it to her
And snuggles right up to go to sleep.
We always lay her on her back,
But most nights she ends up on her side, backwards, or
On her belly scrunched up like a bug.

I wonder if she will be so willing to go along with
Luke's games/directions once she has a choice.
For the time she was perfectly happy with the fireman hat.

This was probably the last picture of her in the bumbo.
It really isn't safe to have her in it anymore
She squirms around so much and can work her way out,
She also bends over and uses her arms to scoot herself around.
It would be funny if it wasn't so scary.

Out of the bumbo, Miss Ruby has graduated to the high chair,
It makes her look way too grown up
And kind of breaks my heart.

Nothing like a little yogurt mustache.

As always lots of time with family.

The outtakes
Definitely not my easiest shoot

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