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Monday, October 14, 2013

Eighteen Months

Eighteen months, it's hard to believe that Luke has been a part of our lives for a year and a half....Tim and I routinely say that it feels we just brought him home from the hospital and he is now turning into such a little man.  When I did his fifteen month update he was just starting to toddle and take a few steps.  By the end of July he started walking completely unassisted and now he not only walks, but is pretty good at running if he thinks he can get away from me.  Luke has always been a daddy's boy, but over the last several months he has become extra attached.  He cries when Tim leaves, even if I am standing right there and gets worried whenever he hears the garage or front door because he thinks Tim might be going somewhere.  For the longest time Luke was a total flirt and would smile at anyone he saw.  He has now switched and scowls at most people - even me.  He seems to think it is funny and will work hard to keep the mean look even when you try to make him laugh.
In August he learned to play a toy flute - not sure that we love that skill, and grandma taught him to suck out of a straw.  He has always loved my phone and knew how to push the home button to see the main screen. I watched him work at it for a long time and he finally figured out how to slide it open and access my pictures and games.  Kind of crazy what his mind can work out.
In September he started giving kisses and will pull a funny face after kissing Tim - I think his beard tickles him.  His current book obsession is Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake, Tim usually reads it to him five or more times per day.  He has a mouthful of teeth but is getting a little more picky about what he will eat.  We have a space heater that looks like a fake fireplace and it is Luke's favorite.  Every morning when he wakes up he has to find the fireplace and have it turned on - he spends a lot of time just staring at the "fire".
His newest trick, in the past two weeks, is that he has figured out how to climb up on the couch.  Sometimes he pulls his chair over to use as a stool but if not, he can swing his leg up and pull himself onto the couch. That wouldn't be so bad but once he's up, he tries to climb over the back of the couch - he has no concept of falling on his head.  The other day he made it over the back of the couch and we found him sitting on my sofa table.  He thinks it is so funny and puts his hands up as if to say "ta da".  I don't laugh and have tried to be stern, but so far, he thinks it is his best trick.
Since the arrival of baby Ruby he has done fairly well...he likes her and spends a lot of time watching her but it has been an adjustment.  He has been much more cranky and needy and spends a lot of time yelling. Hopefully with a little time he will settle back into the sweet boy that we are used to.  But, cranky or not, he is still about the best thing that ever happened to me and we are so grateful to have him as part of our lives.

Remember how I said he loves to read...
While everyone else enjoyed the parade, 
He was more interested in his book.

This cracked me up, he was totally engrossed in the paper,
I think it was the funnies, but still....

Big dogs, little dogs, Luke loves them all.
He's not at all afraid and wants to approach any dog he sees.
Nibs is so gentle with him when he is at grandma and grandpas.
He also spends a lot of his time at home
Watching Everest out the sliding glass door
And looking for treats to keep Everest's attention.

Nothing special about this picture,
I just absolutely loved his outfit for church.
He didn't even seem to mind the bow tie.

So, the hair....
I finally gave in and took him for his first hair cut.
I may be smiling but I felt as traumatized as he looks.
He cried the entire time and I had to sit in the
Chair with him to hold his head still.

I realize that he looks much neater and more presentable
But honestly, I miss the homeless hair and crazy curls.

So far Luke hasn't done a lot of the typical "naughty" things
That a lot of kids do
So I was a little confused when I went to
Get him up for a nap and he didn't have on a diaper.
I was mostly just grateful that he left it alone
And hadn't decided to decorate with poop.

Now that he can feed himself he won't usually let us help.
This is what happens when he is left with too many
Food options and not enough supervision.
Good thing he had breakfast before a bath.

Yes, the obsession with my drink continues...
I promise, it was just ice and water.

For some reason he loves the trash,
It is the exact right height for him dig around.
I often find little bits of trash that he has pulled out,
This time he really struck gold.

He loves his big kid chair,
Perfect for watching TV
And using as a step stool to climb onto the couch.

Nothing better than playing ball with his brother.

Tim may have introduced him to ice cream,
Double fisted is the best way.

Luke had his first visit to the zoo

Probably the most life changing event he will experience,Luke became a big brother
So far so good, he loves to look at his sister
And tries to be helpful by getting her binki
And speeding up her swing.
He hasn't quite figured out the part about being gentle
But I get the feeling he will be her biggest protector
For the rest of her life.

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