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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baby Ruby - Hospital

The day I had Ruby the hospital was so busy that they were out of rooms on the normal maternity ward so we were put in a room on the pediatrics ward for the first day.  An interesting side note, I had Luke on a stormy day and the hospital was super busy.  The day I went in for Ruby had been stormy - something to the theory that barometric pressure affects labor.
After my mom had gone home and slept for awhile, she brought Luke back to meet the baby sister.  He wasn't too impressed at the first meeting, mostly he wanted to play with all the equipment in the hospital room and run down the halls.  Taylor also came over that afternoon to meet his little sister.  It was fun to have a little big brother and a big big brother there to meet Miss Ruby.

Kimi (aka Kim Ellsworth) and I have been friends since we both taught school in Tonga over 15 years ago.  She lives in Arizona and we don't get to see each other often enough.  She happened to text me that she was driving through Utah County on Saturday afternoon and when she heard I had just had the baby, she was able to fit in a visit.  She is one of my favorite people and I loved being able to share the moment with her.

Sunday my family made it back from St. George and all arrived to celebrate.  I was not on my game as far as photographs go and missed pictures of half the people who were there.  Can I use the "I just had a baby" excuse?  My family has always been so supportive of me and they have been beyond excited for this baby.  I loved having them all there to share in our joy.

I know a lot of women are anxious to leave the hospital as soon as the doctor will release them.  Not me, I would stay longer if they let me.  I think it is great not to have to worry about anything - someone finds food whenever you are hungry - even the middle of the night, takes the baby when you are tired, and brings you all the soda and crushed ice you can drink.  With no complications or reason to stay longer, Monday morning was the time to be one our way.  It was actually pretty exciting to get Ruby dressed in her own clothes and head home to begin life with her as part of our family.  Thanks Timp Regional, you've been good to us, but we'll take it from here.....

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