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Sunday, March 24, 2013


In a lot of ways, my mom is very traditional.  About the time I started junior high, my birthday and Christmas presents started including items for my trousseau or dowry.  When I was in high school I received a cedar chest, better known as a "hope chest" since I  clearly  needed somewhere to store all my precious table cloths, dish towels, silverware, etc.  Sadly, I think all of my mom's efforts may have backfired.  By the time I finally got married, my cedar chest was completely out of style and I was happy to leave it behind at my parent's house.  For years my mom put up with it because I didn't have extra space in my townhome, but once we moved into our house, she packed it up and had it loaded into Tim's truck while we were there for Sunday dinner.  It made it to our garage where it sat, unloved and unwanted.  I haven't wanted to refinish it because it somehow felt wrong, like I was ruining such a nice piece of furniture.  Finally, I decided that was silly and that I should do something to change it so it would work in our house.  Cory found a local woman who refinishes furniture so I took it over, dropped off the grandma furniture, and a week later, returned to a fabulous piece.  The chest is now in Erika's room and I couldn't be happier with the transformation.  Hope chest mission accomplished.

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