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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eleven Months

Sometimes the laughter in mothering is the recognition of the ironies and absurdities.  Sometimes, thought, it is just pure, unthinking delight...Barbara Schapiro

This little man of ours just keeps growing and changing and with every day, we love him even more.  He is sweet and funny and brings me so much joy every day.  It seems like an old lady description, but he truly is a delight.
*It took him a while to decide he liked real food but now that he figured it out, the kid loves to eat.  He especially likes bananas and mashed potatoes.
*Luke loves Everest and is fascinated by any dog he sees.  That is the one thing he can "say", if you ask what the doggy says he will respond with a little noise - not quite a bark, but his version of the dog.  He sits ad watches the dog out the sliding glass window and giggles.
*After spending lots of time online and going to several stores, I finally bought him a big kid car seat yesterday.  It hasn't been installed but we are one step makes me a little sad to make such a big transition.
*Another transition, we had to lower the crib.  He has figured out how to pull himself up to his knees and sometimes to standing.  We thought he was in there sleeping, little did we know what the monkey was learning.
Some of the other highlights...

In the past month he has gone from one to six teeth -
 they are all different sizes so he looks pretty funny,
no matter, he is still perfectly willing to
cheese it up for the camera.

He loves to play with his drum,
Even better when he can get his hands on our real drum
Luke has finally started to crawl,
Usually he only crawls if there is something he really wants
Like the heater vent,
His favorite toy
His hair is getting longer and crazier
And I absolutely love it
He and daddy are best buddies
Stopped at the playground on a run
He had his first swing by himself

He loved the slide

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