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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Birth Story

When Jami first suggested that she shoot the birth, I was a little unsure.  Since it was my first, I felt so unprepared for the process and worried that it would get ugly and I wouldn't want any pictures to remind me.  And, let's be honest, I was worried that the pictures would show more than what made me comfortable.    Then Jami showed me some examples and I changed my mind immediately.  I loved that the camera could capture the emotion and the moments that would otherwise be forgotten.  Once that was decided, the only worry was whether or not the baby would make his appearance before Jarin and Jami left for Mexico.  He must have been listening when he decided to make his appearance on the 14th, made it with two days to spare.  Jami actually shot over 400 pictures.  The other night I went through them all to try to do a little editing.  Looking at the pictures made me laugh and cry and remember all over again what an amazing miracle birth was, and what a fantastic experience we had.  I have tried to narrow it down to my very favorites so, prepare for picture overload and here you go...

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