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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boating Fail!

We had planned since last week to go boating (thanks to Jarin and Jami and my parents).  Unfortunately the weather didn't exactly decide to cooperate.  Friday night's storms turned into Saturday morning clouds and it looked pretty iffy.  After waiting it out for awhile, we decided to give it a try and put in both the boat and the wave runners.  The waves were so rough that we only were out a few minutes before everyone started getting sick.  After going back to the beach for lunch we did do some riding on the wave runners and the kids swam and played in the water.  It looked like the water had started to calm but turns out it was the classic calm before the storm.  We ended up having to load everything in the rain and finally gave in to mother nature.  The worst part is that it seems wrong to even complain about the rain since the entire state is a burned up dust bowl.  Thanks to the rain, only a few pics.

My mom is such a good sport,
Always content to tend the babies.

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