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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Forty on the Fourth

Ok, it was really forty two miles, but that didn't have the same ring.  We got up way too early for a holiday and headed to Santaquin for the Jarin led Tour de South County.  It was fabulous, so beautiful and one of my favorite ways to spend a morning.  I was feeling really good while riding but am definitely feeling the miles in my legs tonight - after nine months of not being on my bike, maybe I should have eased into it a little more slowly.

We came home to find the little man having a swim in the sink. 
Thanks mom and dad for watching Luke so we could ride. 

Summertime in Santaquin means lots of ping pong.  
My dad and the boys spent most of the day
Putting together the new table and the games were on.  

Luke was content to cheerlead.

After a long day, time for everyone to say goodbye.

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