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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moab Half - Pre-Race

Went to Moab this weekend with a bunch of family for the half marathon (more about that later). This year was exciting because my sister in law Jami was running her first half. She brought her phone along and facebooked the pre-race activities. If I had a facebook, I might just link her photos there, or whatever people do on facebook. Since I don't I just stole them for my blog.

Anyone who has ever run a race with me knows that this is where I spend most of the pre-race warm up time. This is Jami's face after having experienced the pre-race porta potties. Adrienne was a great sport and has cheered Jami since her first training run.

The men of the group.

There was A LOT of pre-race waiting involved.

P.S., the rocks ARE NOT comfortable.

1 comment:

Erin said...

My in-laws live in Moab. It's beautiful there.

I'm so glad you liked the quiche! When I fall in love with something (particularly food), I have to share :)