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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mexico 2017

After what has seemed to be an unrelenting winter, our getaway to Mexico this year seemed especially well timed.  I'm not sure that Mexico has ever been a bad time, but this trip was especially good.  We had such a fantastic time that I actually almost felt a little bit guilty that we left everyone else at home.  But....I got over that pretty quickly every time I looked walked outside onto the sand. This trip we decided to stay at Royal Haciendas - we have stayed there numerous times before so as soon as we arrived it felt like home.

While in Mexico our primary goal was R&R, we were in need of serious relaxation.  Even on vacation though we did need a little bit of movement.  Our morning runs were not too early and really just felt like part of the fun because of where we were running.  Most days we ran into Playa del Carmen and did our sight seeing along the way.  

The murals along the running trail are my favorite

Just your average door, full of color

The last morning we were in Mexico we left for our run earlier than normal and were the only people that seemed to be out and about.  We were rewarded by finding a monkey hanging around the resort. The guards told us that there are a few that live in the jungle but come out to look for food.  It was amazing to watch him - he didn't seem to even care that we were there.  

Tim often ran to the pier in Playa del Carmen

It was also his favorite place to metal detect

Then he would work his way "home" along the public beaches

Tim didn't find anything of value this year, but he always attracts a following from both tourists and creatures.  The pesos he "discovered" were almost enough to buy himself a coke, but that was it.

Since the first time I went to Mexico I have loved being on the water in a kayak.  In the last two trips I have added paddleboarding to the activities that will get me off of my beach chair.  I have yet to master the paddleboard in combination with waves, but I love being out on the water and am determined to one day glide across the water like a pro.  Even kneeling, it still a great way to move.


Most nights we were too tired and lazy to go anywhere for dinner so we ordered room service or made egg sandwiches.  But I was convinced one night to head into Playa del Carmen for a little shopping and dinner.  We had been told about a really good Cuban restaurant to try and it turns out that Cuban food is amazing!  Everything about the meal was amazing but my favorite were the moros y cristianos.  Honestly, it was one of the best meals I have had in a long time - worth the effort!

We always have to stop for a shot with our old pal Pancho

My best finds of the night,
I can't wait to be twinners with Ruby 

So, there were a few moments of activity, but most of the time you could find us parked under "our" palapa enjoying the never ending blue skies and sunshine.  We read, listened to music, ate, chatted, and of course, posed for a few pictures to seal in the memories.


The pool is really sensational

Honoring my mom at the poolside bar

Maybe my favorite shot of the week

It was so nice to have time to just connect


Our permanent stations

Just a different perspective

Some nights we really got fancy...

The full moon was a little added bonus all week

Tim just transitioned from the beach to the hammocks

 I kept eyeing this log all week and knew it was perfect for a photo shoot.


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