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Monday, October 3, 2016

September 2016

September is Tim's favorite month and this year it felt like we celebrated all month long - races, parades, vacations, etc.  The top event on Tim's list was definitely the Tears for Fears concert (ok, maybe it came in second after Disneyland).  I gave him the tickets for his birthday and we have been excited to go ever since.  They are one of Tim's favorite bands ever and I have been trying to figure out how to get him to a concert for the past three years.  We had a few little stresses getting there - I forgot to get a babysitter, traffic, etc., but once we arrived, the night was pretty much perfect.  We had so much fun dancing, singing, and definitely being transported to the past.  It was definitely a good time and one of the best date nights we have ever had.

A few weeks ago I hurt my back while mopping the floor.  The kids have been so concerned to know if my back still hurt and if I could move better.  Luke is so sweet, he told me that he now knows how to sweep the floor and that they will take care of it from now on so that I won't hurt my back.  Such sweet kids - and they actually did a pretty good job with the sweeping. 

September meant a lot of soccer games.  Luke loves to go and run hard and play with his friends - he especially likes it when he scores a goal.  Tim was able to help out and coach one of the games which was especially exciting for Luke. 

I love that he is just excited to cheer for his teammates 
As he is to play.

Took some monkeys to the doctor's office.
Their ears are doing great. 

We spent a rainy afternoon at the Bean Museum

Tim and Brycen hung out and saw a movie.

Taking advantage of the last days outside before winter arrives. 

I think one of the reasons that September is Tim's favorite months is because both Erika and Taylor have birthdays during the month.  This year we celebrated with Erika from a distance which I know was really sad for Tim.  Thank goodness for face time though, the kids got to sing to her multiple times, and we all got a chance to make sure she knows how much we love and miss her.  

This isn't from her birthday,
But I'm sure dinner would have been similar if she would have been here.
Taylor got a double celebration - Texas Roadhouse with our immediate family, and then roast beef and chocolate cake at the Broadbents.  I thought we had taken some pictures at Texas Roadhouse, but the kids were so naughty, we must have just decided to head home before we got the chance.

Ruby and I got to go with Luke and his class on a field trip.  They have been learning about plants and how they grow so we walked to a neighbor's garden.  She showed us the seeds she harvests, ground plants, trees, vines, etc.  The kids were all really interested and tried really hard to not step on or pick any plants - despite how tempting it might have been.  Mrs. Fox said that Ruby could stay for the rest of class and she was thrilled to have an afternoon of being part of the gang.  

I hope they stay this way forever!

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