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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall Break

Fall Break for most school kids was last weekend.  Since the babies aren't in school, it isn't quite as big of deal for us.  This year we decided to join everyone in the celebration and plan some extra activities.  I have been so busy at work and missing time with Tim and the kids so it was perfect to be able to just be together as a family.  Fall is an amazing time of year and this year the weather has been pretty magical, so being outside sounded ideal.  Bring on the Autumn activities.

For Christmas last year we all got passes to Lagoon. I was a little concerned that we wouldn't use them enough to make it worth it, but Friday was our fifth time for the year.  The kids have loved it and I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed the park.  For this trip we joined up with Jarin and the cousins which made everyone especially happy about the outing.  I haven't ever been to Lagoon during their "Frightmares" time and it was fun to see all of the Halloween decorations and special activities.  The kids loved the pumpkins and were on the constant lookout for zombies.

Story time is always better when the stories are told by witches. 

There was plenty of posing in the Frightmares coffin.  I can't believe that we didn't get a shot with Jarin and Tim.  It was tough to find space with all of the shenanigans from the kids. 

There were two different spots in the park that they had turned into an area for the kids to trick or treat.  Both had characters dressed up and were staged to make it more fun.  They gave away some candy, but also toy cars, pirate patches, post cards and other little toys.  Best thing ever!

In addition to the scary and the treats,
There was plenty of time for rides

The train is Tim's favorite

She was so happy that she got a "good horse"

If you look closely you'll see some scary potions
Luke and Gavin...

Taylor and Brycen...

So the funny part with the picture of Taylor and Brycen is that they actually went to Lagoon on Saturday.  Taylor had to work and they couldn't go with us on Friday, so Tim picked them up and took them for a boys outing to lunch, Grandma and Grandpa Whitesides, and then Lagoon.  The rest of us missed time with the big boys, but I'm glad they had one last day at the park.

While Tim was up north with the boys, the littles and I set out on an adventure at another pumpkin patch  The primary goal was to just pick put and buy pumpkins, but we got a little side tracked and spent a few hours exploring all the fun activities.  I know I say this all the time but watching my babies explore the world and seeing their excitement in small things just brings me so much joy.

The finished pumpkins!


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