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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rescue 911

Luke's preschool teacher, Miss Nikki, is so fantastic.  I'm constantly amazed at the activities they do, and the lessons he learns.  Last Tuesday they talked about fire safety and made brownies for the firefighters.  Then Thursday was the big event when they got to go visit the fire station.  Luke was so excited.  One of his favorite books is when Curious George visits the fire station, so that made it especially exciting.
I was able to meet everyone there for the tour and absolutely loved watching the interaction of the kids with the firefighters.  The kids were clearly in awe and were curious about everything that he taught them.  They asked some pretty funny questions and wanted to touch everything.  Luke was dressed for the occasion in his own fire boots and hat.  This was all his idea, he decided the night before when we were picking out his clothes.  Luke loved it when the firefighter noticed his clothes.
One of the things we love best about Miss Nikki is how sweet she is to Ruby.  She has welcomed her and makes Ruby think she is part of the class.  The field trip was no different, Ruby wore her field trip shirt with pride, and elbowed her way into every picture.
I know the kids have always looked up to firefighters, but this has definitely confirmed their role as heroes in my kids eyes.

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