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Sunday, December 6, 2015


There are no connections between these pictures and the month of November...but these pictures were too sweet not to share.

Changing Ruby has become quite the adventure.  She kicks and plays and teases.  
This nightgown shot is just typical.

 And Luke continues to love his bed where he can store all of his treasures.

Any time with Brycen brother is a great time. 

Same with time at grandmas and grandpas.

Most of the time the kids get quick baths
But they love it when they get to stay and play.

I was pretty excited to see the new Peanuts movie, it's such a reminder of my childhood.
The kids loved it as much as I had hoped.  

Jesse and I spent a morning hiking the Y
Really, it was just an excuse to hang out and chat

These babies love their sister.

Ruby had her first official haircut.  Really she just had a little trim, but it cleaned her up a little so she didn't look so raggedy.  I was impressed how well she did, she was happy to sit in the chair and be pampered.  Luke had his haircut first and really showed her how it was done.  

I've been blessed with such an amazing mama,
I was lucky and got to celebrate with her twice.

I'm not sure she even got a chance to blow out any of those candles,
Way too much help from the grandbabies.

This may have been the best day of Luke's life so far,
Batman pillow and blankie from Grandma Whitesides

We spent an afternoon playing and making Thanksgiving crafts with the cousins.

Just some pretty typical days

Cold weather makes the indoor play yards look very attractive.

Tim and the big kids celebrated the holidays early at the Riverwoods

And then we sent Erika to Haiti for a trip that would change her life
(more on that to come later)

We started with a sleeping shot, what better way to end than with another
Why is she asleep without clothes?  We wish we knew, this is how we found her.

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