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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trick or Treat

Halloween this year was practically perfect.  We had three solid days of fun and the kids were in high heaven.  As a mama, I loved watching every minute of it.

Thursday was the first official day the kids got to wear their costumes.  Luke had a Halloween party and program at preschool and put on his costume as soon as he woke up.  Once Ruby saw him in costume, she was insistent that she put on her "Dorothy".  I was actually pretty impressed that we made it that close to Halloween before they started wearing their costumes - I'm not anti costume, I just didn't want them to be trashed before the big night.  

We were so lucky to have such supportive grandparents, both sets came down to watch Luke's program.  It felt like a pretty big deal since it was his first official performance.  All of the kids were so cute, a little chaotic, but adorable.  Luke has been singing his songs to us for weeks and was so excited to perform,  But when the big moment arrived, he got a little stage fright.  I think he was overwhelmed by all of the people and ended up spending a lot of his time just watching.  He did rally though for his favorite, "I'm a Mean Old Witch"and sang it loudly with all of actions.  He came home and told us all about the party they had, complete with witch's brew.  The best part of preschool will definitely be events like these.  

Friday afternoon my office had their annual Halloween bowling party.  I still claim to be a Halloween Grinch, and really don't get excited to dress up.  But my co-workers always come up with such amazing costumes and I don't want to appear lame, so I caved to peer pressure and went all out.  I Love Lucy never fails to make me laugh, so it seemed like a perfect costume.  I just wish I would have thought to include an Ethel or Ricky.  The party was a great time, lots of amazing costumes, and plenty of laughs.

Friday night the babies were so excited to go to a Halloween party and loved every minute of it.  The ward did a great job with classic kid games and the best part was a prize at every station.  It was such a fun night with my little family.

Saturday morning Luke woke up and immediately said "It's Halloween".  I think this is about the most exciting day of his life so far.  We spent the day running some errands and the kids even got a little nap before it was show time.  I honestly don't know if the night could have been any better.  The kids were so excited and literally ran up to each door and yelled Trick or Treat.  They were cute to talk to all the neighbors and tell everyone thank you.  There were plenty of spooks and surprises and their reactions to each were priceless.  As I watched them enjoying the night I really didn't know how it could have been any more magical.  My heart kind of wanted to burst at the blessing of being able to experience such a night with my babies.  

Ruby girl enjoying the loot
Brycen got to enjoy the holiday with his cousins.
The big kids celebrated with Steak

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