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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Dear Ruby

Ruby's birthday fell on a Monday this year and ended up being a little anti-climatic.  Good thing she is only two and probably won't be scarred for life.  I had an early meeting at work, so I had to kiss her goodbye while she slept and didn't get to see her until that night.  We had planned to take the kids out to do something fun that night to celebrate but she and Luke ended up being sick all day.  Poor kids, by the time I made it home, they were tired and cranky and ready to go to bed.  We opened her presents and spent some time building towers with her new blocks before kissing her goodnight and letting her have her "sleepy sleep".  I had been feeling really emotional all day, and a little sad at how quickly she was growing up.  So maybe it was best that the day was low key - my heart might not have survived a Pinterest sort of day.

Luke was happy to show us that he was 3, Ruby couldn't quite get the 2 going on with her fingers.

One of her presents was a tent with a window for a puppet show.  Luke immediately claimed the king as his own. 

The good part about a week day birthday, is you can spend all week anticipating your party.  Ruby talked non-stop all week about her kitty cat birthday cake and party.  The funny thing is that I had decided to do a Hello Kitty party, but hadn't ever discussed it with her - she already knew that was what she wanted.  Calvin's baptism was earlier in the afternoon then all of my family came over to the house where we met up with Grandma and Grandpa Whitesides and Erika and Brycen.  We were so happy to have all of the love and support.

As the center of attention, Ruby was in her element.  She loved the balloons and other decorations and was happy to run around with the big kids. And then, it was time for the birthday cake and presents and the night got really great.  As her mama, it made me so happy to see loved and adored, and loving the fun of her party.

The other kids were just as excited as she was to open presents.

Once the party was over, it was definitely time for a bath and bed for a tired, but very happy little girl
Grandma Whitesides presents were a hit - especially the new pajamas.
She went to bed very happy with her new toys and blankies.  Sweet dreams little one.

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