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Saturday, December 6, 2014

November 2014

Catching up on the happenings of November...

During the month of October we planned/several times to go to Cornbellys - somehow it never worked out.  The last day they were open was November 1st, and we were finally able to make it happen.  When we arrived the weather was beautiful and we were excited about all of the activities.

About 20 minutes after we arrived, the wind started to blow, and then it started to sprinkle, and then the weather really got wild.  Ruby and I spent as much time as possible inside while Luke and Tim went out for some little adventures.  All of the kids were fascinated by the "corn room", basically like the beach for farm kids.

Because it was the final day, a lot of the activities involved the destruction of the hundreds of pumpkins at the park.  The boys definitely thought that was a good time.

I think the kids' favorite day of the week is Sunday.  Luke loves to go to nursery, and then spends the rest of the day asking to go see grandma and can definitely see why.

We finally put together the shopping cart that Ruby got for her birthday.  Luke immediately said that it was his and had to have the first chance to play and explore.  Ruby had been pretty tentative about walking and didn't seem interested but once Little Miss got her hands on the cart, away she went.  It has been fun to watch her become so mobile.  I've also been surprised at how much she plays with it, pretends to eat the food, and make food on the oven.   

It didn't matter how cold the morning was, as soon as Luke found out that Brycen was awake and outside, he was determined to go outside and play with his brother.  

My mom and Tim's mom's birthdays are a week apart.  They both had plenty of help to blow out the candles on their cakes.

Man I love these babies!

Still running with no snow, I love an extended fall.

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