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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dear Santa

We continued what has become tradition of dinner and Santa at the Riverwoods with Cory and Calvin.  I wondered how Luke would react - he talks about Santa constantly, but is pretty withdrawn around strangers.  As soon as we arrived at Santa's house it was like a reunion with an old friend.  He waited at the front of the line and as soon as it was his turn, ran up and put his arms up for Santa to lift him up.  He told Santa that he wanted toys, and appeared to be content to sit there as long as possible. Poor Ruby...I thought she would give him her shy response and look down quietly.  Not quite, the poor girl was terrified and screamed as soon as Tim sat her on Santa's lap.  Santa did his best to comfort her but this was clearly not her year for bonding with the Jolly one.

We invite Cory, of course because we love him, but we especially love his skills with a camera.  Once we left Santa's house, the kids ran around enjoying the magic.  They loved the lights and were super cute to watch dancing to the live music that was in the pavilion.  This was one of those sweet moments as a parent - I just loved being there with Tim and the kids, nothing better than watching your kids have such a great time discovering the world.


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