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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ruby Eight Months

It feels like the last month has completely crept up on me - this little girl just keeps growing and developing and bringing joy to our lives.  I keep a list throughout the month of her changes - when I reviewed it this month it didn't seem like there were as many new milestones as normal.  She just is getting better as so many of the things that were new tricks for last month.  Ruby no longer has the problem of getting stuck on her belly if she rolls over - she now rolls easily from side to side and often ends up on the other side of the room. She is starting to push herself up on her arms and I wouldn't be surprised to see her crawl soon.  Her neck is very strong and whether she is on her back or her belly, she always has her head raised looking around.
Ruby continues to be a great sleeper - she is sleeping 12-14 hours per night and about a 3 hour nap in the afternoon.  Most days she is smiling when we put her down and laughs when we get her up - she definitely didn't get that from me.  Her social skills continue to develop and she loves being around people.  In fact, that is really the only time she fusses, when she thinks she has been left along and is missing out on some fun. As pleasant as she is, she has started to get a little more feisty with Luke.  She tries to hang on to her toys and squawks when he takes things from her.  It doesn't seem to deter him, but at least she is starting to put up a fight.  This little one brings so much love and laughter to our family and we couldn't be more grateful for her.

Her two little teeth are about my favorite thing ever.

It may not be her best shot but I had to include this one
She has become so grabby, hair, jewelry, toys, papers, etc.
And she has gorilla arms like Luke
This was perfect to get a shot of her trying to grab my camera.

When we first started her on solids, she wasn't sure she was very interested.  
That has definitely changed.  Currently, it feels like she eats non stop.
She loves cereal, fruits, veggies, and recently discovered cookies.
The amount of formula she is drinking hasn't really decreased,
She has just added in the real food.
We did just switch her to the Costco formula and so far she seems
To be handling it fine. That will be a serious savings.

When Luke was a baby he would play in the jumper,
But never really loved it.  Ruby absolutely loves it,
She will stay in there for a really long time,
Playing with the toys and bouncing to the music.
This month she had a few unfortunate incidents with the bouncer.
I washed the insert and there was a bit of a miscommunication
Between Tim and I as to whether or not it had been properly installed....
Turns out it wasn't - poor baby.

Like I said, Luke didn't love the bouncer when it was his
But whenever sister is in it, that is the only place he wants to be.
I'm not sure it was designed for double decker use.

Lots of family bonding time.....


Uncle Sean
(I love the look on her face)

Grandma & Grandpa

Oh and some cuddles with mama

Her first princess outfit...I somehow doubt it will be her last.
She was way to fascinated with her toy to pose

Pretty typical of her everyday behavior

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