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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ruby Seven Months

Such a big miracle in such a little girl.....

This little girl continues to amaze and delight us.  She is truly the most pleasant baby.  She laughs a lot, sometimes when prompted and sometimes she just giggles on her own - usually at something Luke is doing.   We have started calling her our little jumping bean because she is so wiggly and squirms around whenever there is something that has caught her attention.  She has gorilla arms like Luke and often surprises us with what she can reach - oops.  She is getting much better at sitting up and rolling over, at least one way.  She hasn't quite mastered rolling from belly to back.  A few nights ago I heard her crying shortly after putting her to bed.  I went to check on her and found her stuck on her belly, she was tightly swaddled but had still managed to get turned over and was not happy about it.
Ruby loves to play with toys - rattles, teethers, etc.  She has a really strong grasp and has become very interested in the sounds and textures of different toys.  She doesn't love it when Luke steals her toys which unfortunately is really often.  Any toy is much more interesting if sister has it.  Speaking of big brother, he still loves the girl (baby as he calls her) but has started to have some jealousy issues.  He doesn't like to share and a few times has kicked or hit her.  The poor girl, she just looks so shocked like she can't figure out why he wouldn't adore her.
At the beginning of the month she had a doctor's visit and had another set of shots.  She tolerated it quite well and didn't seem to have any issues with fever or even being cranky.  At that visit she weighed 16.3 pounds. It seems like overnight she has grown out of a lot of her clothes, luckily the change of seasons has made it a good time to rotate her clothes.
A few other details.  Ruby still drools a lot, made worse by her constant spitting.  She has discovered her feet and absolutely loves rolling around in a classic "happy baby" pose.  Recently she has started doing a little fake cough.  When it catches your attention she just laughs.  We have started calling her "Ruby Rube" a lot, that and "sister" seem to be the most common nicknames.

We had a few visits from Grandma and Grandpa Whitesides
This month which Ruby loved.

She is already becoming a pro in the double jogger

Baby girl went swimming for the first time.
The baby bikini is adorable but she is going to need a suit
With a lot more coverage to protect that white skin.

First trip to St. George

First Easter

The girl is almost too big for her bath.

Had to include this one because it is just so cute.

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