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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ruby Five Months

Ruby's personality becomes more and more evident every day.  She loves to watch everything that is going on and babbles non stop to try to join the conversation.  It has been so fun to watch her social skills develop.  She has found her tongue and it is hanging out most of the time.  She is so pleasant, most mornings she wakes up smiling and really only cries if she is starving.  Ruby is starting to develop the skills to grasp, she holds your finger while she eats and likes to grasp a rattle and shake.

Ruby had her four month appointment a little bit late.  She did great at the visit and continues to grow and develop just like she should.  Her weight was in the 26th percentile and her height in the 67th percentile

It seems like Ruby has struggled with a snotty nose all month.  Other than the nose she doesn't really act sick, but the poor thing just keep suffering with sneezes and a runny nose.  Her bedroom has become like a rain forest with a humidifier running non stop.  It seems to help, but not quite enough.

It was her first official Valentines Day and she looked so cute, she was even willing to smile on cue. She is lucky to be completely loved and adored.

Being the second child can be dangerous, especially when you have a big brother like Luke that just wants to play with you all of the time.  I had put her in her portacrib while I took a shower.  I had just turned off the water when I heard a loud wail from her.  Luke had thrown a book into her crib and caught her with the corner.  Poor little baby, it made two punctures in her head, it totally looks like a vampire bite.

At her last doctor's visit the doctor said that we cold try starting her on some solids.  We have tried Ruby with rice cereal and with some pureed bananas.  Most of the time she ends up with more on her chin and bib than in her mouth.  We will probably continue to try a little, but she doesn't appear to be too anxious to move to solids.

We didn't buy a bouncer for Luke until he was about six months old, he loved it but grew out of it quickly. Tim brought it up the other day, put her in and she immediately started bouncing.  I wasn't surprised because any time she is laying down she kicks and kicks like she is trying to take off.  She still loves the play mat. Our biggest struggle is to keep her safe from Luke and all of his toys.  

The most exciting part of this month was that baby girl got her ears pierced.  I have been wanting to do it since she was born.  It seemed like the perfect time, not too young but not old enough to play with them.  I looked around for a salon but the only local places that do piercing are at the mall or tattoo parlors.  Luckily, Jami's sister Gina has a piercing gun so we took Ruby out to Goshen for the big event.  After the first shot it took her a few seconds to figure out what had happened.  She cried, but soothed pretty easily and I love how they look. 

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