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Monday, November 4, 2013

Sound of Music - Marionettes

Several months ago my mom bought tickets for the grand kids to see the Salzburg Marionette Theater perform The sound of Music at BYU.

To experience the Salzburg Marionettes is to witness the beauty and magic of a group rarely seen outside of Europe. For 100 years, the company has performed thrilling, dramatic presentations utilizing the remarkably life-like movements of its elaborately costumed, two-foot tall, string-manipulated puppets on lavish backdrops set to beautiful, recorded music.  Featuring a skilled ensemble of behind-the-scenes professional puppeteers, the performances present the charm and wonder of a long-standing European tradition in a fresh, exciting way.

My mom was really excited to take them but when she got a chance to go to Arizona and meet new Baby Sadie I volunteered to go to the play.  It was really fun - the kids were all amazed that everything we were seeing were puppets.  The best part was during the scene of The Lonely Goatherd, the marionettes had puppets.

The kids were all so well behaved during the performance.  They were all sure that grandma would have taken them for icecream so of course I couldn't disappoint.  Everyone missed grandma but I was lucky to get the chance to go and have such fun with all these kiddos.

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