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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ruby - One Month

One month and Miss Ruby has completely captured our hearts.  Luke especially loves her, he runs to find her as soon as he wakes up and spends a lot of his time smiling and pointing at her.  We are feeling so blessed and lucky to have Ruby and her sweet spirit as part of our family.  She is a very good natured baby and only cries if she is really overdue for a feeding.  From the beginning she has slept for stretches of about 4 hours and the last few nights has been sleeping about 6 hours.  It's even easier to enjoy her when we are well rested. From the beginning she has had a very strong neck and now can hold her head up and turn around to observe her surroundings.  Luke was really sick last week but luckily she did not seem to catch anything despite a lot of loves from Luke. She eats at least four ounces each feeding and seems to be growing and changing daily.  I wish there were a way to slow down time.  Instead, I spend as much time as possible on the couch loving and snuggling this little Princess Pie.

Ruby has started to smile when you talk to her.
It's hard to catch her smile on camera,
But here's a little one.

She spends most of her time with a very serious look on her face.
I love this shot because you can see how long she is.

It may look like she is a little unsure
But this little girl loves her daddy.

Showing off her big, alert, blue eyes.

Ruby was pretty excited to celebrate her first Halloween 

Ruby isn't sure about the bath,
But doesn't cry unless she gets really cold.

I have missed getting pictures of everyone who has visited but 
We have loved being able to show her off and 
Share her with others.

It took all month but we finally got a picture of
All five kids together.

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