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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fifteen Months

I loved posting the monthly updates on Luke's growth and it has been nice to have those details recorded.  However, once he turned one, I decided that every few months would be enough.  Time continues to pass way too quickly and my boy is already 15 months.  He's developing such a personality.  He definitely knows what he wants and shakes his head emphatically when he he doesn't get it.  He has specific preferences with food, books, toys, and sometimes between mom and dad.  Good Night Moon is his favorite book and he often demands that I read it several times before going to bed.  His sense of humor gets more and more distinct.  People often comment on his giggle and how infectious it is, they are constantly entertained by the faces he pulls and the looks he gives.  I don't know how he learned it but Luke has started hiding in different parts of the house and thinks it is so funny when you come to find him.  The other day he caught me off guard in the bathroom and thought it was hysterical.
Since starting to crawl, he is super mobile and can get anywhere he wants.  The biggest problem (aside from getting into the toilets, the laundry, the dog food, etc) is that he is always dirty from the floor (so much for thinking I keep a clean house).  I've been anxious for him to start walking just to get him off the ground.  He's progressed a lot and is great at walking around the furniture and when he has someone's hand to hold.  About a week ago he started to stand by himself and has taken a few steps on his own.  Whenever he stands on his own he generally claps and looks around to make sure someone appreciates his accomplishments.  I keep expecting that any day now he will be completely independent and on his way running.
Luke can make several animal noises and has three main words, mama, dada and ball.  The fact that ball is one of his first words is not at all surprising because he is completely obsessed with any and all types of balls - tennis, basketball, baseballs, toys, etc.  Most nights he goes to bed with one in his hands and wakes up looking for another.
Currently Luke is getting several molars and has been a little cranky which is strange for him, and a little exhausting.  But all it takes are some sweet kisses and yells for "mama" and any rough spots are easily forgotten.  Here are some of the most recent pictures and a few other details.

Luke absolutely loves his brothers and sister.
He gets so excited when they arrive and
Every time they leave he wanders around the house yelling for them.

We went on our first "camping trip"
Ok, it was just day camping, but at least
The boy got some outdoor time.

He loves to play with his cousins,
Assuming he survives, they will toughen him up.

Luke absolutely loves music,
He especially loves playing the piano with both grandmas.

Yes, his hair is king of wild, and long
And I've turned into that mom who refuses to 
Cut her little boy's hair.

He had his first big fall.
Down six stairs to a tile landing.

It turns out Luke is a total water baby
He loves pools, fountains, the tub,
Anywhere he can splash.

This boy loves his daddy,
Any has become a little possessive
When anyone else wants to play.

Remember the long hair,
This is what happens when he hangs out with Jami.
Time for a hair cut?
Not yet!

I don't think it's normal for a baby, 
But he loves ice.
It might have something to do with the fact that
He always wants to share my ice.

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Mike and Megan said...

SO cute Monica! He's getting so big. It was fun to see him at Cherry Hill bummer we didn't see you. I LOVE the last picture. That's funny he loves ice, yea I think you just may have a little to do with that.