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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dallas June 2013

Thirteen years ago I graduated from BYU.  Jessica was there and we took a picture of her wearing my cap, she has displayed the picture it in her room ever since.  Last week I was lucky enough to be on the opposite side of that tradition and be there to see her graduate from high school.  As the single aunt for so long, I never felt completely childless thanks to my nephews and nieces.  I was lucky that Sean and Julie always invited me to be such a part of their family and I love my "Texas babies" as if they were my own.  Over the years we have been asked numerous times if Jess was my daughter, a question that  has always made us both smile.  Now that I will be having my own daughter, I can only hope that she will grow up to be a great of a girl as Jessica has.

As excited as we were to go,
It was a little traumatic to separate my two boys at the airport

I was a little nervous to travel on my own
But thanks to some great packing
I was happy to be able to handle 
Everything on my own.
Luke didn't sleep at all on either flight
But...he was super happy and kept everyone entertained.

One of the best parts about being together 
Is of course, the chance for a family run.
Everyone was very gracious and ran very slowly for me.

Nothing like a summer night at a baseball game
Luke brought his own ball, just wanted to fit in.

 New fridges to explore

The best part of the trip, really any trip to Dallas
Was just spending time with family.
Luke especially like hanging with everyone,
And loved the non stop attention.

So proud of this girl,
Can't wait for her to start college at BYU

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Hansen Family said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Little girls are so much fun!