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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

My mom is pretty much amazing. She has always supported me and my brothers (and now inlaws and grandkids) 100% in anything we have wanted to do. She loves us unconditionally and never lets us leave without a hug and an "I love you" to make sure we know. She's feisty and stubborn, and the original example of what Julie coined as our family motto, "Broadbents never quit".

My mom has always loved that she was born on November 11, 11-11. This year was especially exciting because her birthday fell on 11-11-11. If only she would have been turning 11! She always makes sure that our birthday's are special; favorite meal, a birthday song and definitely your favorite desert. So, once a year I make a German chocolate cake, homemade from start to finish, because I know it is her fav. The cake is delicious and this year tasted great as always, but the presentation was a little lacking. So, I'm giving another example of "what not to do" in the kitchen. I am always worried about the cake coming out of the pans so I decided to use parchment paper to line them. In theory this was a great idea, but it didn't exactly work. The edges were lumpy and misshapen and the layers came out looking completely sad. I thought that I could cover it up with a thick layer of frosting, but didn't give the frosting enough time to cool so it was runny and just added to the visual disaster. Luckily my mom thought it was wonderful and we all got a good laugh.

Of course the grandkids had to help with the blowing out of the candles. Hopefully my mom still gets her wish, right?

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Craig Broadbent said...

It may be just me, but that cake looks really delicious. Can you mail cake?