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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Speedy Spaniard

For at least ten years, my dad and I have been running the Speedy Spaniard, a 10k in Spanish Fork that is held on the 24th of July. This year I really debated whether or not to run, and only got signed up a few days before when I found out my dad was at the rec center and register for me. I have not been feeling so speedy this year, so I wasn't sure that I needed to pay money to have a clock confirm what I already know. But, my brother Jarin had signed up and we couldn't let him run alone. Last year was the first year he had run and he came in shortly behind me. Before the race even started this year, I let him know that I was throwing in the towel early and wouldn't be much of a challenge. Anyway, I wasn't anywhere close to a PR, I ran it in just under an hour. However, I'm glad I raced. It was good to push myself and remember that I can exceed even my own expectations if I am willing to get uncomfortable for a little while. I didn't have a camera but Julia was prepared. She said after that she was worried I hated pictures because I looked so mad, not mad I explained, just in pain and focused on my angry music (typical race ending)

A few years ago I finally made peace with my big calves. This pic reminds me to appreciate all the places those strong legs have taken me.

Oh man, I was back and forth with those two the entire race. I kept watching for a sprint at the end, but just when I got comfortable and decided that they weren't going to make a move, here they came and I didn't have a shot at keeping my lead.

This is the ever so famous Julia. For months I was just a blog stalker, then we finally met at the gym. We have bumped the relationship up a notch to become race friends. She is seriously great and I loved getting to chat with her before and after the race. She hit a PR for a 10k and I think should officially be crowned, the "Speedy Spaniard"


Melissa said...

Great job!

* { Shannon } * said...

Monica, I just love your blog! I am so glad we're blogging friends now :) I have issues with my legs too... something else we have in common! ;)