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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mona Days

Saturday morning E and I got up early and drove to Santaquin where I dropped her off and then headed out on my bike. I rode to Nephi and then looped back to meet up with Jarin and Jami and Co. at Mona Reservoir. I was too late to see E learn to wakeboard, but thanks for the mad teaching skills of Jami, she got up and loved it. As soon as the bruises and sunburn heal, she will be ready to go again. I got a quick run on the wakeboard. Last time Jami taught me to cross the wake so I did that quickly this time, rode for awhile, and once I was too tired, just dropped the rope and called it a day - much better than a bad crash due to tired legs. We didn't get any pics of the wakeboarding, but I loved these of Ada and Miles watching E on the tube.

After a shower and a nap, we headed back to Mona for the Mona Days fireworks. We went last year and were amazed. The fireworks are big and spectacular and are shot off about 50 feet away from where we sat, the entire park is lit up. Before the fireworks we did a little Boot Scootin Boogie in the park. Earlier in the day Ada told me she was most excited for the dancing because "she had some new moves". The dancing was great, little kids, old couples, and everything in between. We sang along to Taylor Swift and I even got to slow dance with Tim. Long day, but so much fun.

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Melissa said...

Sounds fun! Your family puts my family to shame. We like to do chores on Saturday. I can't let them see your blog....or I'll be in trouble. Haha!