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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Miracle

So this was a serious Christmas miracle. Last week Tim and E went snowboarding. They came home soaked, so I thought I would be kind and wash all of their gross gear. I went through all of the coat pockets before washing so as to prevent a tragedy. Two days later Tim asked if I had seen his ipod and told me that he had taken it skiing. I was sure I hadn't washed it, I checked the pockets. Oh, the pants pockets? My heart kind of sunk a little then, and even more when I pulled the pants out of the dryer and found the i-pod, headphones still attached. Of course it was dead. Just to have a little Pollyanna moment, I went and plugged it into a charger, and left (you know, watched pot never boils and all). When I went back a half hour later, it turned on, then miracle of miracles, it worked, headphones and all. I have no idea how that is possible, for sure it was a true Christmas miracle.
Just a little PS, the same miracle doesn't occur with Blackberry phones. I may have done the same thing to Jarin's phone at Bear Lake after we all got wet and dirty on the boat. I really better stop trying to be so helpful.

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eran said...

You should let them dry out a day or 3 before plugging them back in. If they didn't sit in water for days and you didn't turn them on while wet usually you can recover.