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Sunday, August 6, 2017

July, 2017

So this July may have been one of my favorite months was so busy with friends, family activities, celebrations, and parties.  Sandwiched in between there were also plenty of moments that were much more low key, but perfect to remind me that we have a pretty great life.

This girl loves to play in the back of my car.

Oh Lola, she is the sweetest little puppy.

Luke is so lucky to have such great cousins.  He basically thinks Gavin is the greatest thing ever and was beyond excited when Gavin came to have a sleepover.  They must have been tired that night because they went to sleep with very little chatter or play.  

The next morning Tim took all of the kids up the canyon to play in the park and fish.  They caught a few little fish, but not enough for a meal so....Costco to the rescue.

Giant puzzles at Grandma Gayle's

Their favorite way to get to church.

Grandpa Boyd's birthday party.

I have been getting out really early on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to run before I go to a bootcamp workout class.  I really don't like getting up early, but I have learned to enjoy the solitude of the mornings.  Watching the sky come alive is also a pretty great reward. 

The superhero phase is still going strong. 

Afternoons at the pool are some of the very best.  The kids are getting a little more independent and love to find and make new friends, but most of the time they just want to hang out with me.  I love it and am sad to think about the day when they will think they are too cool to hand with their mama.

Tim and the kids have taken such good care of their little garden on the side of the house.  They don't really love to eat the tomatoes and zucchini that keep appearing, but they love the accomplishment of growing the vegetables.  They are happy to let Tim and I eat all the vegetables...unless I make zucchini bread which they have discovered is delicious.

New cut and color, the kids loved it straight

Summer nights in Santaquin forever!

Jami and Jarin's birthdays are less than two weeks apart.  Both requested Carrot Cake for dessert. Luke and Ruby were so excited to take them a present and help blow out the candles.  

Ruby and I were invited to a bridal shower for her cousin Jordyn Cook who is getting married in a few weeks.  Ruby loves going to a "girl party" and this one was especially fun with plenty of aunts, cousins, and of course, Grandma.  Katie was here from California and Ruby absolutely adored her - kind of funny because Katie's little girl Paige was completely in love with Ruby.

Splash pad

Daily life

Hooray for babysitters and a date night!

Tim and Erika spent an afternoon exploring

Taylor got a new suit

Drives by the lake

By the end of such a busy month, I think we all felt this exhausted

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