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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring Skiing

Over the past few years skiing has taken a back seat to pregnancy, babies/toddlers, broken bones, surgeries, etc.  Last year neither Tim nor I ended up skiing at all and by this winter I was definitely missing it.  Despite having plenty of snow, we haven't been able to work out our schedules to go until last weekend.  Our sweet neighbor offered to have the kids come over and play for the afternoon and I convinced Tim that spending the afternoon was the perfect plan.  Turns out, I was right.  By the time we arrived it was sunny and warm and exactly the type of day to make us fall in love with skiing all over again.  We both started off a little rusty, and my boots squished my toes a little too tightly, but overall, the afternoon was pretty spectacular.  Tim is already scheming and making plans for how many times he thinks he can make it to the mountain next winter.

 Who wouldn't smile with views like this

Not quite the same as a "foot shot" at the beach, but still a great view.

There were some issues while we were on the lift and we ended up stopped for several minutes a few different times.  Normally I would have likely been irritated, but with such beautiful weather, we just "turned our golden faces into the sun" and spent the extra time chatting.

The back mountain, and especially this view, at Sundance is my absolute favorite.  There are no beginner runs on the back mountain so when I first started skiing it was the ultimate goal to make it to the back side.  It's still the first place we head as soon as we arrive.   On this trip the snow was great and it was not at all crowded so it was especially fun.  

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