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Monday, September 5, 2016

Lucky Luke

Luke had such an exciting week....he started preschool and soccer.  Both were super exciting for him and a little heartbreaking for this mama.  He is growing and learning and quickly turning into such a little man.  Part of me just wishes he could stay little for awhile longer but then I would miss watching his world fill with wonder. 

Last year Luke had the best experience going to Miss Nikki's preschool.  When we found out she wouldn't be teaching this year we were all a little bit heartbroken.  After talking to a lot of friends in our area, we found a new preschool with Mrs. Fox.  Luke and I spent a morning at her school and after meeting with her, felt like it would be a great fit.  We have talked about his new school and teacher all summer and by the time the first day arrived, Luke was ready to go.  A few days before starting I asked him if he was feeling a little bit nervous and he said no, he was just excited.  It made me so happy to see him confident and ready for new experiences and friends.  Here's to a great new school year.

Ruby desperately wanted to be a part of preschool

Arriving at preschool
Thanks Miss Nikki for the sign

Within a few minutes of arriving,
Both kids had made friends and were busy playing

Art project from the first day of school.

After talking about it for a very long time, Luke finally got to start playing soccer.  They started out with a practice so they could meet the coach and other teammates.  Luke told me after that practice was fun but that he really wanted to play a game.  The first game was last week and it's probably best that they don't keep score.  I think it was a little intimidating for the kids to have the other team battling for the ball and trying to steal and score.  Luke didn't seem to mind though, he was worn out and happy when the game ended.  Maybe it's best that the Broadbent competitiveness hasn't yet surfaced.  

Sometimes it makes me laugh to discover what is important to this little guy.  He has been excited to play, but especially excited about the uniform....he was very specific that he needed long socks and a shirt with a number.  Cleats were just a bonus that he didn't know he would love.  The first time he wore them he ran around the kitchen and the came to tell me that they were "really grippy".  Exactly the point my boy.  

Sweet form!

Definitely listening intently to the coach

Luke said that his favorite part is 
When he gets to do a "big kick"

Biggest fans.

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