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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October 2014

At the beginning of October Miles was baptized.  He is the sweetest little man and we were excited to be a part of his big day.  Tim was honored that Miles asked him to give a talk about the Holy Ghost.  The talk was fabulous, personal and with examples that all of the kids could relate to.

We don't often get everyone together,
So we took advantage at Ruby's party
To get a family shot.

Cousin time playing with blocks.

Tim and the kids stopped one day on the way home
To pick pumpkins.  
Luke especially likes their scary faces.

 The kids got to spend an afternoon with grandpa and grandma.
They loved the wagon.

Even though the marathon is over, Jess keeps dragging (inviting) me out on Saturday mornings to do some long runs, usually 10-12 miles.  We have be so lucky to have made it through October with such beautiful running weather.  Blue skies and fall leaves makes for some great running.  

Lately Luke gets so excited whenever I get home from any type of work out.  He says "mama running" and wants to put on my shoes.  Only a little big.

I'm kind of known as a Halloween Grinch, I have never loved dressing up and usually try to avoid most parties because it is lame to go without a costume.  With two kids and Luke old enough to get excited, this year was definitely more fun.  

We got a little early trick or treat at the doctor's office.

Luke spent his time at the DI well, trying out all the costume options.
The eye patch made its way home, but 
Luckily, the mask stayed.

All my friends at work love to dress up and get very excited for our Halloween party and plan their costumes for weeks.  I haven't ever dressed up and they all give me a hard time.  This year I shocked them all when I showed up in full Willy Wonka attire.  I have to admit, it was kind of fun.  

Halloween morning when I got Luke up I told him that we would get to go trick or treat that night. Turns out that was kind of cruel.  He spent all day begging me to go trick or treat and I kept trying to explain that we couldn't go until later.  He didn't get it.  The bonus was I got to hear him say trick or treat multiple times which was kind of adorable.  When it was finally time to get dressed and go, he was so excited.  Ruby was a good sport about her tiger outfit and even left the ears on for most of the night.  I think she was just excited that Luke let her hold her own bucket.  

We headed to Santaquin to trick or treat because, let's face it, everything is more fun with cousins. The weather was warm and it was a perfect night to be out and about. We finished at grandma and grandpas where the kids and grandpa chased each other around.  The kids were definitely worn out when we made it back to the car, nothing better than exhausted and happy.  It was a pretty much perfect night.  

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