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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ruby Four Months

It seems so cliche, but really, every month seems to go ever quicker and I feel like my baby is growing up more quickly than I want her to.  One of the real transitions from new born is that she isn't sleeping quite as much.  She still sleeps great at night and takes several good naps, but she has a lot more time when she is awake and alert and watching everything that goes on in her little world.  We have continued to keep her world very small, we try not  to take her out much, but she has still struggled with a lot of colds, in fact she has one right now the poor sniffly sneezy girl.
As much as it makes me sad to have her grow up, I do love seeing her learn and develop.  She continues to smile a lot and has started giggling - especially when Tim swings and bounces her.  She has found her tongue and spends a lot of time sticking it out.  She doesn't suck her thumb, but has started sucking on her individual fingers and sometimes her entire hand.  It's super cute but often leads to a lot of drooling.  Our Ruby girl has started babbling and screeching - she definitely has something to say and wants to make sure she is heard.
Ruby has a doctor's appointment at the end of this week.  I will be interested to see her stats, but am sure she has gone up significantly in the growth percentages.  She has moved up to size 2 diapers and breezed through most of her 0-3 size clothes and is on to 3-6 month size.  It feels like in the last month has experienced a major growth spurt.

For a little girl who mostly hangs out at home, Ruby had two major events this month.  We had her blessing which was incredible, she is lucky to be loved and supported by so many people.  She also had her first plane ride and out of state trip.   Again, we had lots of family support and she traveled like an experienced world class traveler.

Ruby and Baby Sadie met and were immediate friends - it is so fun to have cousins two weeks apart.

I bought this play mat for Ruby for Christmas but just opened it a few weeks ago.  She is fascinated by the lights and sounds and is happy to spend a lot of time playing with the bee and other hanging toys. The trick is to keep Luke from loving her too much when he comes to play along side of her.

We found the Bumbo down stairs and I was shocked that she was able to sit in it and look so secure.  She seemed to like being upright and part of everything going on around her.

Luke absolutely adores her.  He shares his toys, rocks her carrier when she cries, tries to give her treats, and wanted to be a part of her official photo shoot.  I love that they will be such close friends.


Anonymous said...

Love it. Especially the last comment. Luke is very lucky to have her so close in age :). I know I wouldn't have it any other way. Love you...Sean

Ann Freeman said...

SO CUTE!!! Love the pictures - what an adorable girl!